Role of Honey Bee in Agriculture

  ALBERT EINSTEIN ONCE QUOTED AS SAYING, ''IF THE BEE DISAPPEARS FROM THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, MAN WOULD HAVE NO MORE THAN 4 YEARS TO LIVE.'' It's highly unlikely that Einstein said that. 🐝🐝🐝 The Honey bee - The Farmer's Friend 🐝🐝🐝 The Honeybee plays a key role in the pollination of flowering plants, including crops. 1/3rd of the food we eat depends upon pollination,  including almonds, berries, melons and cucumbers. Pollination refers to transfer of anther to stigma in flowering plants for sexual reproduction. Bees aid in cross pollination in fruits, vegetables, ornamental, cotton,tobacco, sunflower and many other crops. Bee pollination helps in uniform seed set, improvement in quality and increase in crop yield. While farmers are facing many problems and challenges of providing food for fast growing population, honey bees also facing problems with habit loss, climate change, toxic pesticides and diseases. We cannot live without bees, pollinators like b